Our Story

Yes Ts is the expression of hope and new beginnings for us. 

We are a small (but mighty) female family unit whose journey from brokenness to wholeness is littered with unexpected kindnesses and small miracles.  And the company of angels.  We’ve come to believe that gratitude is the most powerful key to joy, that God (or the Universe, or Spirit) really does have our backs, and that fulfillment comes with giving back.  Yes Ts is part of our effort to share with other women some of the wisdom, encouragement and power that have helped us along the way. We hope you find that our t-shirts support your dream/s.

Our goal is to bring affordable, premium t-shirts to young women (and women who are young in spirit and heart) who are ready to wear another kind of message into the world.  You will find no cynical, sarcastic or belittling messages here at Yes Ts—where we endeavor to speak only love.    

Yes Ts brought us the gifts of laughter and collaboration and creativity to name a very few. We hope that you, too, will receive something special from our shop—whether you choose to purchase or simply to browse.  May you discover and accept love, hope and encouragement on your particular journey towards your dream/s.